invendo medical – a member of the  Ambu group – is a leading developer and distributor of sterile, single-use and light-weight robotically-assisted HD endoscopy products in the field of gastroenterology and GI surgery.


  • Its first product to market will be a sterile and single-use colonoscope. More than 25 million colonoscopies are performed annually worldwide – with further growth expected.

    Currently all GI endoscopies are performed with reusable endoscopes, which are expensive, susceptible to failure, and difficult to clean and reprocess. Due to technical limitations, conventional endoscopes are only being high-level disinfected, and are not sterilized. Within the past decade a significantly increasing number of transmissions of multidrug-resistant microbes via contaminated endoscopes between patients have been reported. Leading professional societies such as APIC and SHEA are now requesting the sterilization of reusable scopes and/or the transition to single-use scopes. Furthermore, product innovations in endoscopy during the past decades have mostly focused on imaging – the ergonomics has remained unchanged although endoscopes are not easy to use.

    With the sterile and single-use invendoscopy System, the endoscope reprocessing process and its related costs, as well as the risk of cross-contamination, are now being addressed. The invendoscopy system is capital light for healthcare facilities and enables an easy adoption and cost-effective expansion. High scope maintenance and repair costs are not incurred. Investments are optimally protected against obsolescence as the newest technology upgrade is available upon the next shipment of single-use endoscopes. At the same time the invendoscopy system offers advanced 21st century ergonomics, making endoscopy easier for physicians.

    Further, sterile single-use GI endoscopes will complete the product portfolio of invendo medical.