invendo medical is a leading developer of sterile single-use high definition endoscopy products in the field of gastroenterology and gastrointestinal surgery. In 2017, invendo medical joined forces with Ambu – who is the global leader in single-use visualisation – to develop, manufacture and market single-use HD scopes for GI endoscopy.

Ambu introduced single-use endoscopy for airway procedures in 2009 and today supplies hospitals across USA, Europe and the Asia-Pacific with single-use endoscopes for a range of pulmonary procedures.

Single-use and sterility for patient safety and healthcare economy

Advanced reusable medical devices – like endoscopes – pose a contamination risk to patients as the devices are difficult to sterilize between uses. Single-use scopes, on the other hand, are sterile straight from the pack to the patient. This means that single-use scopes eliminate the risk of device-related infections and – because they do not require cleaning or repair – also improve hospital workflows. Also the physician is able to use a brand-new device in each and every case with consistent performance – eliminating the issue of technology obsolescence.

In recent years, authorities and professional societies have increased their focus on endoscope cross-contamination considerably. And especially reusable endoscopes for gastrointestinal use have been tied to this.

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