Frost & Sullivan Applauds the Advanced Innovation in invendo’s Single-use Colonoscope, the invendoscopy E200 System

The ease-of-use, flexibility, and superior image capture sets invendo’s product apart from traditional colonoscopies

Frost & Sullivan AwardSANTA CLARA, Calif. — January 9, 2017 — Based on its recent analysis of the colonoscope market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes invendo medical GmbH with the 2016 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. invendo’s advanced colonoscope, the invendoscopy E200, is the first and only single-use, sterilized colonoscope in the market. Its endoscopy technology offers simplified ergonomic controls and streamlines the colonoscopy procedure for superior safety and efficiency, and it lowers infection risks by eliminating possible cross-contamination between procedures caused by improper or inefficient reprocessing procedures.

invendo’s colonoscope has three primary components:

  • the invendoscope SC200
  • the invendo ScopeController and
  • the invendo SPU E200 – the software and control center

The scope has a 170-centimeter long tube and performs standard functions such as suction, flushing, rinsing, and insufflation, allowing physicians to insert, guide, and use it as they would traditional systems. The invendoscope SC200 has three white-light LEDs and an advanced complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) imaging chip for image capture. It bends more than 180-degrees at the tip and has pre-attached sterile and single-use water supply and waste tubes to guarantee a hygienic procedure. Finally, its sterile packaging attaches to an IV pole, ensuring an easy and aseptic two-stage unpacking process.

Traditional colonoscopes have a mechanical design, in which cables run through the scope tubing and are controlled by wheel interfaces on the controller unit. Physicians need to turn wheels to move the camera on the scope’s tip. The robotics-enabled SC200 gives physicians an enhanced scope interface via a joystick control plate. Additionally, the instrument can detach from the controller, making it more ergonomic to use. invendo plans to make controllers of different sizes, suited to both right and left-handed physicians, further augmenting its ease of use.

The invendo SPU E200 activates the supplies and controls of the procedure, and has a touch screen interface for easy data entry, set-up, and switching between functions. The system controls the internal fluidic system that runs the deflecting and LED cooling functions as well as the external fluidic system that enables the rinsing and suction functions. The portable system also has containers to collect waste products vacuumed out during the procedure.

The invendoscopy E200 system costs approximately $35,000 for the hand-held controller and the core unit, while the single-use scopes cost $200 to $300.

“The system ensures overall cost savings to hospitals as the disposable components will eliminate time and monetary resources on complex cleaning and disinfection procedures, and once the volumes and production scale increases, the scopes will cost much less overall,” said Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst, Patrick Riley. “But just as important, the disposable elements of the system reduce cross-contamination risks and elevate a patient-centric approach.”

„In addition to planning higher production capacities and implementing awareness campaigns, invendo is keenly focused on improving its invendoscopy E200 system. It is currently working on replacing the standard-resolution CMOS imaging chip on the invendoscope with a high-definition CMOS camera to provide physicians with higher resolution images and a wider field of view,“ noted Riley. „Furthermore, it is actively working to replicating its single-use sterile scope design in other gastrointestinal scopes.“

Once the market embraces the technology, invendo will determine if a direct sales force or a distribution partner will better serve its ambition to expand and offer advanced levels of support to providers. The company obtained the CE mark of approval and hopes to extend its reach in the global markets.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that develops an innovative element in a product by leverage leading-edge technologies. The award recognizes the value-added features/benefits of the product and the increased ROI it offers customers, which in turn raises customer acquisition and overall market penetration potential.

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