invendoscopy = sterile, single-use colonoscopy

The future of endoscopy is a sterile, single-use and robotically-assisted endoscope: Introducing the invendoscopy E210 System

Advanced ergonomics
Your sterile and single-use invendoscope is light-weight and comes with a joystick-based control body system detachable from the endoscope for enhanced ergonomics.

Packaged sterile
Your single-use invendoscope is packaged sterile and allows for an aseptic set up. Every patient has his/her own endoscope.

Always available
Your sterile single-use invendoscope is always readily available and there’s no cost for scope maintenance.

Obsolescence protection
The invendoscope is a single-use-endoscope which means you will always have the latest technology as soon as it becomes available. No longer will you have to wait years to get the next generation endoscope advances. With single-use you have the latest technology upon your next shipment without any additional investment.

Ergonomic issues in endoscopy

The endoscope is one of the few medical devices that has not undergone any serious ergonomic changes in over 40 years. Conventional endoscopes are heavy, complex to use and might cause orthopedic issues in your back, hands and shoulders.

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Hygiene issues in endoscopy

While the optical quality in todays endoscopy is excellent, some other issues still are unadressed. Due to the complex design of reusable endoscopes with long, narrow channels, cleaning remains a significant challenge – with high impact on hygiene and patient safety.

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Health economy issues in Colonoscopy

Hospitals face increases economic pressure, while the costs for cleaning and setup of endoscopes grew constantly oder the last years. Which leaves no room for purchasing new devices. With batch of endoscopes comes with the newest optical systems without additional investment.

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The invendo solution

The colonoscope is one of the few medical devices that has not undergone any serious ergonomic changes in over 40 years. The single-use invendoscope brings the advantage of sterile shipping to colonoscopy.

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invendo benefits for Endoscopy Stakeholders

Endoscopy is a cross-functional task in most hospitals, with several departments involved. The revolutionary single-use invendoscopy concept brings lots of benefits to a broad set of stakeholders.