Meet the future of endoscopy

The invendoscopy E210 System is a revolutionary single-use robotically-assisted endoscopy technology and consists of three key components:

History of endoscopy

The evolution of the endoscope is comparable to other devices. Like the telephone it was developed in the later 19th century. But what happened in the last 45 years? While the telephone changed from a hanging box to a mobile computer, the endoscope stayed mostly the same.

  • 1868

    1868 Adolph Kussmaul looks inside stomach for 1st time (tested on sword swallower)

  • 1932

    1932: Rudolph Schindler invents the first flexible gastroscope. Could examine the inside of the stomach through numerous lenses and a miniature light bulb

  • s03

    1950s: The gastrocamera allows recording of an examination on film

  • s04

    1960s: With glass fibers transmit light from one end to the other the era of real-time imaging began.

  • 2000s

    1970s: In the 1970s fiberscopes were still state-of-the-art and the tip of the endoscope was controlled with Bowden cables connected to control wheels at the end of the scope.

  • s06

    1990s:Even with the introduction of videoscopes during the 1990s and the move to high-resolution camera systems in the 2000s the device design hasn’t changed much.

  • s06

    2010s:The invendoscope allows for sterile single-use robotic-assisted endoscopy

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