The invendoscope SC210 is a sterile and single-use colonoscope. With 170 cm insertion length it is operated by manual insertion (push/pull/torque). The invendoscope SC210 is always ready to use and every patients has her or his own endoscope.

The camera uses a state-of-the-art CMOS imaging chip and three white-light LEDs as a light source. The robotically-assisted deflecting tip allows for 180° bending in all directions. invendo’s proprietary diagnostic mode for convenient tip circulation at the push of just one button enhances the effective field-of-view.

View of the colon with the invendoscope C200 (standard-resolution optics):

Its 3.2 mm working channel allows interventions with standard endotherapy instruments. Standard functions like rinsing, flushing, suction and insufflation are available and a separate water jet port may be used for the increasingly popular water immersion or water exchange methods.

The sterile packaging can be conveniently attached to an IV pole for a hygienically safe two-stage unpackaging process. Opened only on one side the scope connector can be connected to the invendo SPU E210 during setup. The insertion tube is to remain within the sterile package and only be removed at the start of the procedure just prior to entering the patient.